System Features

Our system is the result of many years of development and refinement. The result is a fully featured, highly innovative system which can produce the competitive advantage your company needs.

Menu Driven

  • Custom designed menus provides access to available applications within the system.
  • Each individual department within the company has its own menu
  • Applications do not require the typical sign-on/sign-off procedure
  • Training time for new employees is significantly reduced

On-Line Documentation

  • Documentation is available to the user as they are in the process of using the system
  • Accessed through menus for simplicity
  • Detailed instructions for every application
  • Excellent training tool

On-Line Help System

  • Works closely in conjunction with the editing system
  • Help for edit screen errors encountered is accessed immediately upon operator request

On-Line, Real-Time, Transaction Drive System

  • All data files are updated at the time the transaction is entered. As a result, all information is current through the last transaction posted.
  • Transactions are processed as they occur without waiting for a pre-determined cycle.

Comprehensive Editing System

  • All data input is checked against the data base for correct input of already established data.
  • All entries are verified for validity and status.
  • Editing process insures that entries are in balance.
  • Mistakes are minimized and productivity is increased.

Modular Design

  • Each sub-system is a series of self-contained module thereby allowing the company to use only the features needed to efficiently manage their business.
  • Each sub-system interacts with other sub-systems to allow editing and cross checking real time.

Single Administration System

  • Supports multiple product types in one system, such as Life, Health, Group and Annuities.
  • Eliminates duplicate entry systems.
  • All data is contained in a single data base which eliminates the possibility of error and inconsistency between multiple data bases and systems.

Parameter Controlled System

  • New products and policies are entered into the system with nominal programming and/or modifications.
  • Product types are defined by user controlled parameters.
  • Facilitates rapid/immediate new product implementation and/or changes.
  • Since the system utilizes parameters to control product type processing, the wait time to introduce products to the sales force is significantly reduced.

Comprehensive Security System

  • User access is determined by the system administrator.
  • Each user is assigned a security I.D. which can be restricted to a specific station.
  • User I.D.'s and security restrictions can be easily changed at any time.
  • All transactions have their user I.D. attached for security, audit, and reporting purposes.
  • Access to the system may be limited to a specific computer and User Id and Password

Interfaces to Other System

  • Windows SQL supported Interfaces.
  • Files may be created to be used in Word and Excel.
  • Information may be extracted from any data already contained in the data base easily.