System Location and Access

For those users who need the power of state-of-the-art computer hardware and the advantages of one of the most advanced insurance processing systems available without the investment required for an in-house computer department, V.I.P. provides one of the industry's most sophisticated insurance processing systems available on-line, real-time to insurance companies who prefer the convenience and cost effectiveness of a computer processing service. The V.I.P. System is operated in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from a service center using some of the most sophisticated and efficient computer systems available. On-line, Real-time remote computing services on these computers are provided to users in all parts of the country over an extensive state-of-the-art communications network. By providing users the opportunity to share powerful computers, V.I.P. can provide you with the power to process your data when you need it, at low cost. In addition, our staff of knowledgeable insurance professionals, working with highly skilled computer and communications professionals, provides the highest possible levels of service.

The system is accessed over secure Virtual Private Networks using computers in your office and your data is processed immediately as it is entered. No waiting for a batch processing run at the end of the day. Printers installed in your office allow you to print your reports on-demand, as you need them. You control the system and conduct your business in the manner best for you.