Standard Reports

Daily Reports

New Business Reporting


  • Application Batch Edit Report
  • Application Edit Batch Listing/Cash With Application
  • New Business Reports:
    - Underwriting Maintenance Report
    - Underwriting Submitted Report
    - Underwriting Delivered Report
    - Underwriting Cancelled Report
  • Underwriting Pending Issue Report
  • Underwriting Pending Delivery Report
  • Policy Face/Schedule Page
  • Statement of Policy Cost and Benefit Information
  • Non-Forfeiture Value Sheet
  • Cash With Application Journal

Agency Reporting

  • Agent Advance Statements
  • Agent Numerical Rosters
  • Agent Alphabetical Roster
  • Agent Hierarchal Report
  • Manager Numerical Roster
  • Agent Maintenance Report
  • Manager Maintenance Report
  • Agent Production Report
  • Agent Tracer Report
  • Agent License and Appointment Report
  • Agent Mailing Labels

Policy Administration Reporting

  • Policy Maintenance Report
  • Policy Cease In Force Register
  • Late Payment Offer Report
  • Government Allotment Listing
  • Daily Bank Draft listing
  • Premium Notices
  • Premium Reminder Notices
  • Dividend Notices
  • Miscellaneous Policyholder letters
  • Checks to Policyholders
  • Group/List Bill Maintenance Report
  • Group/List Bill Statement
  • Policy Loan Maintenance Report
  • Dividend, Endowment and Accumulation Maintenance/Reconciliation Report
  • Premium Deposit Fund Maintenance/Reconciliation Report

Claims Reporting

  • Payment Register
  • Maintenance Report
  • Claims Pending Reports
  • Claim Summary Report
  • Explanation of Benefits Paid Letter
  • Entire range of Paid Claims Management Reports:
    - Claims Paid Listing - Detail
    - Claims Paid By Month By Year
    - Claims Paid by Month of Current Year and Plan Type
  • Claims Paid Reports By:
    - Hospital
    - Procedure Code
    - State
    - Agent

Periodic Reports

  • General Ledger Current Day Account Listing
  • Voucher Reconciliation Report
  • C.W.A. Batch Edit Listing
  • External Batch Edit Policy Payment Edit Report
  • General Funds Disbursement Checks

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Agency Reporting
  • Agent Statement Pre-Sub Ledger
  • Agent Monthly Statement
  • Agent Monthly Statement (totals)
  • Agent Statement - Sub Ledger
  • Agent Advance Statements
  • Agent Persistency Analysis
  • Agent Termination Report

Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Monthly General Ledger Detail Listing
  • Monthly General Ledger Trial Balance
  • Y.T.D. General Ledger Detail Listing
  • Policy Loan Reconciliation Report
  • Cash With Application Reconciliation Report
  • Dividend, Endowment and Accumulation Report and Reconciliation
  • Premium Deposit Fund and Reconciliation
  • Deposit Fund and Reconciliation
  • Financial Reports
    - Income Statement
    - Balance Sheet
    - Ledger Account Comparison Report
    - Reconciliation of Ledger Assets
    - Non-Admitted Assets Report

Policy Valuation

  • Policy Exhibit, Premium Consideration and Reserves by Statutory and G.A.A.P. methods
  • Product/Class Persistency Report
  • Health Lag Studies available (Claim Reserves)
  • Claim Liability Studies

Paid Premium Reporting

  • Paid Premium Journal (Detail Listing)
  • Paid Premium Summary by Year and Line of Business
  • Paid Premium by State, by Plan
  • Premiums and Commissions Paid by Plan Type and Year of Issue